When you take your vehicle for maintenance, such as oil changes and mileage interval service, you hope nothing is wrong, but routine checks help to keep your car in good running condition. Your roof is no different. Just as you wouldn’t neglect your vehicle, don’t forget about your roof. Waiting too long can lead to costly repairs and early replacement. Routine home repairs can turn into bigger problems if they are delayed.

Periodic roof inspections are recommended for all home and property owners, especially if you suspect you may have damage. Roofing inspections should happen once a year, One after the summer or one after the winter. This is because winter and summer are big storm seasons, your roof could be hit with tree branches and debris, even harsh rain and wind can cause roof damage. However, if your area is familiar with harsh weather conditions or if you have noticed any possibilities of an issue, consider scheduling more inspections frequently. Regular inspections can help address and recognize any roofing issues before they become larger and more costly problems.

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A roof inspection is a simple way to keep your home’s exterior healthy and damage-free. The less indistinct signs that your roof needs to be repaired can be found in your attic. Bring a candle into your attic and pass it along through the attic, if you notice the flame flickering, then it means that there is a gap in the roof. Shingles may be removed or held loosely to the roof; Damaged shingles mean that your attic is exposed. You should also check your gutters for granules, this may indicate if your shingles are worn. Granules help shingles last longer against the sun and other inclement weather, without them the shingles can wear down a lot faster. To make certain nothing was missed, you should have a professional team perform the inspection.

Repairing a roof is no little task, whether it be a major storm damage or a little shingle repair, you should always hire a professional to inspect and repair the damages to your roof. Temporary or improper fixes to your roof can overtime create cracks and gaps allowing for leaks into your attic causing more damage. It Is best to always hire a professional to handle the job.


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