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​Protecting the exterior of your home from severe weather and nature's elements is what we do. Quality roof and siding is the first line of defense on the exterior of your home. Due to the location of the roof and it being out of your daily sights, property owners rarely inspect their roofs for damage. Roofs are intended to last but sometimes HAIL​ ​and WIND damage can greatly affect the longevity of your roofs life. At times, WIND and HAIL ​​damage can be very obvious to spot, but other times, very real damage can be difficult to sport with an untrained eye. It could take months, even years for damage to your roof, siding, windows and/or gutters to make itself evident. It is important to have a qualified and trained professional inspect your home and property after and potentially damging severe weather before its too late. 

Modern, energy-efficient windows are available in a wide range of materials. The glazing you choose can affect how much light they transmit, how much of the sun’s heat they allow into interior spaces, and how well they prevent the flow of heat. As one of the most complex and expensive components of your home, the windows you choose can also have far-reaching energy consequences. For more information please call us at 706-763-9717 to schedule an appointment to learn more about our Windows. 
iGreen Solutions uses the best gutters on the market for your home. The 8 inch 16 gauge seamless gutters are manufactured on site. Also, we use big mouth outlets for continuous water flow and 4x3 downspouts that will guarantee customer stratification. As you see above we use Super-Duty hidden hanger brackets that are installed every 24 inches like clock work. The brackets are screwed in with a 3 inch zinc coated wood screw that provides that sturdiness needed for heavy rains. Our warranty programs are simply the best in the SOUTHEAST. You also get to chose from a combination of colors to best match your home.  

High energy bills? Would you like to learn about different ways to lower your energy costs? iGreen Solutions INC provides multiple solutions for customers.

Low-E Radiant Barrier is one of our many solutions we have available for customers. Radiant Barrier keeps the hot air where it needs to be, OUTSIDE! Visit our solutions section to learn more.

For more information please contact us via email @ or via phone @
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