Storm damage to your home or commercial property can take a toll on your pocketbook and your sanity! But finding good roof repair services from a trusted roofing contractor is easy if you live in communities like Columbus, GA. iGreen Solutions are the roofers trusted by more west Georgia homeowners than any other, and we should be one of the first people you call if a storm hits your property.

Storm Damage Repair: What GA Homeowners Should Do

Knowing what to do after hail has damaged your roof or wind has torn off your gutters isn’t easy, and the consequences of getting it wrong can be scary. but we’re here as your roof and home exterior experts to help you through the process from a damaged home and property to a place you’re proud to own. To be prepared, we’ve compiled this guide to storm damage and your exterior and roof repair options.

What kind of damage can you fix?

It’s important to understand how storms can bring down the value of your home or business. High winds from tornadoes can tear off shingles and throw debris into your siding. Gutters can overflow from heavy rains, flooding your yard and causing other issues. Falling branches or objects can even smash windows. Luckily, our skilled contractors have the right repair services to address this kind of storm damage.

After a storm, once you know your family is safe, take pictures of any problems with your property. These are important for your roofing contractor and insurance company. Then give our team a call!

Storm Damage Repair Options for GA Property Owners

Whether you have a retail store in Phenix City, AL, or a residential property in Fort Benning, GA, we have the right methods to restore and even improve your home or business!

iGreen Solutions: Storm Damage Experts in Columbus and Across Georgia

When storms strike, don’t let damage linger. Contact iGreen Solutions for prompt and expert storm damage repair. As the go-to roof and exterior repair experts, we alleviate the stress by providing swift and reliable solutions for residential and commercial properties in west Georgia and eastern Alabama.

We are committed to restoring your property efficiently and ensuring your peace of mind. Contact us today to experience the excellence and reliability that sets us apart.


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