Commercial and industrial businesses in western Georgia and eastern Alabama not only have a dedicated roofer to solve their roofing problems, but they can also have a company to call for building exteriors and specialty coatings.

iGreen Solutions: Industrial and Commercial Coating Experts in Columbus, GA

In addition to other exterior and roofing services, we’re proud to provide our commercial customers with excellent solutions to corrosion and abrasion control, thermal reductions, insulation, fireproofing, waterproofing, and safety options.

Quality Specialty Coating Options for Local Businesses the Chattahoochee Valley

iGreen Solutions, a trusted exterior renovation company serving the Columbus, GA area and beyond, specializes in applying industrial and commercial coatings to fulfill diverse needs. These finishes, crucial for protection and aesthetic enhancement, play a vital role in safeguarding surfaces. Here are some common types:

These commercial specialty coatings play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity, appearance, and longevity of industrial and commercial buildings. Professional exterior renovation companies often offer a range of coating services tailored to the specific needs of each project.

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Our industrial and commercial specialty coating consultations aim to understand our client’s needs thoroughly and provide solutions specifically designed to target individual problem areas. Talk to us about what you need out of your coating, and we’ll find the right product for you!

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We are a local, family- oriented company with over 3 decades of experience in all types of roofing, unconventional coatings and restoration, as well as dustless blasting, mold remediation, and many other services. Call today for an estimate.


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