Do you know what a soffit is? What about fascia boards? Most homeowners need to learn these critical roofing system components. They may seem like decorative trim, but they are huge for the health of your roofing system and your home’s energy efficiency.

At iGreen Solutions, West Georgia’s trusted roofing company, we are experts in all replacement components, including soffits and fascia.

Soffit & Fascia Services Tailored to Georgia and Alabama Property Owners

We want you to make the best decisions in the wake of storm damage or roof aging, and understanding these parts is crucial.

What Are They?

Do They Need Maintenance?

Because soffits are generally installed at the same time as your roofing, they are mostly very durable and don’t need much maintenance. Your soffits should be inspected as part of a regular roof inspection. Because they are more visible, fascia boards are often treated like siding and only cleaned or painted if necessary.

When Should You Get Soffit and Fascia Services?

That said, there are plenty of times when you might need soffit and fascia replacement. These parts can be damaged by ice buildup and heavy rains. But how can you tell if you need to call your trusted local roofer for repairs? There are some easy ways to tell. When you look up at your roof from the outside of your house, You shouldn’t see any rotting wood, leaking, peeling paint, discoloration, or even holes!

iGreen Solutions: Trust Our Contractors for All Parts of Your Roof and Exterior

Is it time to replace your roof soffits or fascia boards? Whether part of a roof replacement or siding installation, iGreen Solutions is the home exterior renovation company to contact for repairs and replacements of these crucial components.

With over 30 years of roofing experience and a dedication to local homeowners and business owners, we’re uniquely positioned to upgrade and repair all your structures. Contact us today to learn more.


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