Inclement weather can be a major problem for commercial roofs.  Hail, wind, sun, rain, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes are all contributors to serious damage.  Often, if caught right away, simple repairs can be made to restore the integrity of the roof.

Hail can look like dents, splatters, or punctures, depending on the material of the roof.  Signs may also include granule loss on shingles, fractured mats, weakened seal strips, and broken gutters.  Inspecting your roof after a hail storm is critical.  If left unrepaired, it can lead to leaks, costly repairs, early replacement, and even decreased property value.

Wind can cause loose or missing shingles, loss of granules, water infiltration, peeling roof coverings or leaks.  Wind can also leave behind branches, leaves, and gravel can cause scratches, punctures, as well as structural damage.  This debris can cause scratches, punctures, and structural damage.

Excess sunlight will gradually degrade roofing materials.  Sun damage includes cracking, curling, or brittleness.  When your roof is installed, UV-resistant coatings can be applied to aid in prevention of such damage.  In addition to reflecting the UV rays, these coatings help to lower cooling costs.

Rain and Floods can cause many types of damage, including leaks, mold growth, and lead to structural instability.  It is important to act right away if you notice water, stained ceilings, dark spots, or musty smells.  Also check for damage to roof supports and visible moisture in your attic.

When a hurricane or tornado affects your area, always call your roofing professional for an inspection.  Damage caused by these natural disasters can lead to many serious issues if not handled quickly.  A professional will be able to spot hidden issues you may miss, and will also be able to assist with repair plans and estimates, should an insurance claim become necessary.

If you notice any signs of damage from these or other perils, always reach out to a professional, and do the following:

These steps can greatly extend the life of your roof and help you to avoid unnecessary future costs.  If you suspect your roof may have any weather damage, call us immediately.  We will provide a no-cost inspection and help develop a plan for repair.


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